Score for  John Cage's "Empty Words" (from Richard Kostelanetz's Text-Sound Texts). 

SPOKEN RECORDS is an independent literary sound-art label dedicated to releasing work whose primary goal is to dramatize and expand language in all of its sonic, rhythmic, textural and meaning-making dimensions. Unlike straight spoken poetry, radio-drama or radio-narrative, Spoken Records is interested in work that explores language not just as a transparent, picture-window illusion (such as the word “tree” signifying a verdant, bark-y object in the world) but one that uses the aural and textural implications of language to build sonic-referent worlds that do not yet exist. We are interested in narratives that are built up of sonic association, or rhythmic assonance. We are interested in work that uses the entire sound-stage. We want language to fly, to crash, to be twisted, bent, warped, broken, in service of new ways of comprehending. 

TEXT-SOUND as a manner of working has had a long, though often overlooked history, although it has lived and loved internationally. If its practitioners have come from more acknowledged disciplines, they have often found refuge and inspiration in this unrecognized and shifty space. We at Spoken Records believe literary sound-art is a home. A center. We want to carry on this historical tradition and provide a locus for the various and varied strands of text-sound, tape-fiction, and sonic poetry. We are committed to producing work that both honors the album concept and emphasizes the value of the sound object itself. We want to make something beautiful with your beautiful work. 

SO, bring us your weird, your unusual. Bring us the work that you never believed had a home.