About the album: 

Greetings from Here: Audio Postcards in Transition is an intentionally low-fi, (and for me: high-stakes) project. I made the following cards--amassed, spoken, someties narrative and sometimes tonal embroideries--in a period of two weeks for friends I wasn't so sure I still had. The transitions I was facing were and continue to be multiple. Each card acts as a "greetings from" and a construction of an emotional topography: I was speaking directly from a moment, a landscape, a well. The document as a whole works as a sort of personal geography of the moment. 

My studio wasn't set up at the time so I recorded the cards on a built-in laptop microphone and mixed them flat in mono, in a free editing program. These limitations ended up freeing me compositionally--I could make the work quickly and not worry about certain a priori factors such as recording self-noise or resolution and my working methodology began to resemble something similar to that of the mid-nineteenth century en plein air painters: an emphasis on capturing the shape, the resonance of a moment or a series of moments in time by responding with quick, intuitive brush-strokes. There was no pre-writing or scoring. Each piece was completed in somewhere between ten minutes and an hour.

Album art by Tamer Hassan. 

Greetings From Here: Audio Postcards In Transition

by Pauline Gloss

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