Sequenza 21 / "Lullabies for the Psychotic" and "You Are A Speaker: Together, Separate, and All-Together"

Paul Muller

"Images created from the words built up a new construct in the listener’s mind, partly from sound shapes and partly from meaning – "Lullabies for the Psychotic," operating at the intersection of poetry and music, is a most intriguing process of creation as well as an enlightening experience." [link]

Sequenza 21 / Gloss at Betalevel  [parts of forthcoming record]

Paul Muller

"The contour of the phrases depended more on the shape and sound of the words, and the patterns were assembled to convey different weights and textures. At times, even individual words were broken down into syllables and used in the stream of text...[these] when repeated together provide a powerful double message from both content and texture. Although created from simple materials, these text/sound works operate at the intersection of cognition and emotion, expanding the vocabulary of art into new territory."     [link]

ARTILLERY Magazine / Greetings from Here: Audio Postcards in Transition

Doug Harvey

"...While layering vocal tracks and adding tasteful concrete elements, Gloss’ texts have more in common with confessional autobiographical poetics than Hugo Ball’s “Karawane,” weaving stories of institutionalization and gender indeterminacy into quite coherent—if elliptical—narratives. It reminds me of nothing so much as the poet Anne Sexton’s amazing recording for poetry label Caedmon, with Gloss’ NPR-ready baritone even resembling Sexton’s tobacco-and-vodka cured delivery..."      [link]



Sequenza 21 / Greetings from Here: Audio Postcards in Transition

Paul Muller

"...Greetings from here is a truly extraordinary album, placing the listener in completely new emotional terrain. This is powerful material, bearing witness to a complex and unguarded vulnerability that most of us can hardly imagine."    [link]